Excel Unlocker 5.5

Excel Unlocker 5.5: PDS Excel Unlocker Tool wonderfully recover Excel password and unlock excel Excel protection within minutes. Excel password unlocker software to unlock Excel password with the help of two types of attack dictionary and brute force attack. Through excel password recovery software quickly retrieve Excel file password as well as unlock excel sheet password on such version of MS Excel: - Excel 2010/ Excel 2007/ Excel 2003/ Excel 2002/ Excel 2000/ Excel 97. * Easily to unlock, crack, remove & recover Excel workbook & Excel worksheet

Excel Duplicate Remover 4.5: Excel Duplicate Remover is a powerful MS Excel Add-In. You can remove duplicates
Excel Duplicate Remover 4.5

Excel Column. * You can Color Duplicate Rows in Excel of your choice. * Color Unique Rows in Excel. * It can Count Duplicate in Excel Column. * Count Unique values in Excel Column. * Easy to use with userfriendly interface. * Supports MS Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010. * Fastest and Reliable Duplicate Remover tool for Excel. * Tool to Remove Duplicates in Excel. * Software to remove and retain duplicate unique entries in excel. * It is software

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How to Recover Corrupted Excel File 2.5: How to Recover Corrupted Excel File Without Much Effort
How to Recover Corrupted Excel File 2.5

Excel file. Excel file recovery software provides a much easier way to excel recovery. How to recover corrupted excel file, how to recover corrupt excel files, how to repair excel file? These are various questions having only one solution called excel recovery software. Multiple type of error is possible, which corrupts an excel file and if you want to overcome to all types of errors then you can use Excel recovery tool to recover excel corrupted

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Excel File Recovery Tool 3.1: Excel File Recovery Tool to Recover Lost Excel File
Excel File Recovery Tool 3.1

Excel file recovery tool is a source which comfortably recover lost or damaged excel data. Excel file tool recovers excel files in readable format. If your excel files are damaged and not opened. And, you required recovering these damaged files. Then use excel file recovery tool because this tool is specially made for excel file recovery. It’s a useful tool for recovering excel files.

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Excel to vCard 1.4: How to Convert Contacts from Excel to VCF file Format? Get to Know
Excel to vCard 1.4

How to convert Excel to vCard file? The answer to this resource is an Excel to vCard converter making the perfect Excel to vCard conversion. You can grab excel to vCard utility to bulkily convert excel to vCard format. There are many users who need to convert excel to vCard file to create vCards from an excel file. Excel to vCard converter is the utility which fulfills the requirement.

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Kernel Excel File Recovery Software 10.10.01: Kernel for Excel - Excel File Recovery Software
Kernel Excel File Recovery Software 10.10.01

excel file is copied to the user defined location. Kernel for Excel File Repair Software uses quick algorithm for searching and repairing corruptions in the corrupted files and hence is a fast, simple and easy to use excel file recovery software, which helps you to repair and recover your corrupt damaged excel files in minutes. Kernel for Excel corrupted file recovery software supported versions includes MS Excel 2003, Excel XP, Excel 2000, Excel

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Excel Change Case 2.0: Excel Change Case is a useful add-in to Change Case in Excel. It helps you ...
Excel Change Case 2.0

Excel Change Case is a useful add-in to Change Case in Excel. It helps you to convert case of the text as Uppercase in Excel , Lowercase in Excel , Title Case in Excel , Sentence Case in Excel just like MS-Word change case. In brief eXcel change case is a change case utility for excel just like ms-word. New Version is compatible with MS Excel 2007 & 2010. It can convert thousands of cells text in a few minutes. Excel does not have an inbuilt Change

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